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About Us

Our company has been one of the leading companies in field of target optics and mounting solutions for many years. As it is known, a perfect and precise assembly of weapon and target optics is indispensable for success and high precision while hunting and sport shooting. Therefor, we offer mountings with such perfection and today a synonym for individual and tailor-made mountings for individual cases. The ever-developing technology of target optics and weapons carries with a rapid improvement of productions in order to offer customers a responsive assembly solutions for the new products of optics and weapons industry. Our research and development team has necessary technical knowledge and the latest tools in order to develop customer-oriented solutions promptly. Besides, the remote mountings are only one part of our wide product range. We develop and produce own optical systems and solutions at the request for montages and additional accessorises of customers. In recent years, we offer target optics, cameras, night vision systems and thermal sight systems, and we also offer particular solutions based on requirements of authorities for hunting and sporting goods. In parallel with target optic assemblies and optic systems, we produce hunting and sports weapon accessories as well as for the latest weapons. We work very closely with renowned companies manufacturing weapons and optics. In the spirit of ongoing development, we widened our work areas in recent years, and we are now using our high innovative power and experience also for the market authorities.


We, the MAK Group Specialists, will be happy to advise costumers and find solutions on all areas of the company.