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The MAKcam is a compact camera system which can be mounted on a telescopic sight. It provides direct and simultaneous targeting through telescopic sight, video recording and image capturing without impairing the function and handling of telescopic sight. MAKcam is an ideal partner to show evidences of administrative missions, and to record hunting and training experiences. Video recording and still photo capturing are done internally and can be brought out externally as records or livestream.


The MAKcam consists of two

main components: Camera module and scope mounting device. This mounting device is compatible with various ocular diameters from 40mm to 45mm. And its camera module is mounted on four-pinned lock.


The MAKcam is available in two versions in terms of storage: 16GB and 32GB. Its image quality and resolution is 720×480 pixels at 30fps. Battery life is 60 minutes in 16GB version and 180 minutes in 32GB version. MAKcam is precisely milled from a solid block of aluminium 7075, therefor it provides waterproof protection (1m) at IP67 standards. Due to its high quality level of coating (hard coating), the housing and the mounting structure are robust and resistant to corrosion. Power is supplied by an integrated lithium polymer battery which is rechargeable with a USB cable.